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eWave Yachts

Welcome to a world where dreams of full sails meet modern technology and environmental care. Our company is not just a shipyard - it is a center of innovation, passion, and commitment.



eWave 9000 


Why Us?

What Sets Us Apart?


eWave was founded in 2019 under the name eWaterbus. The original name is not coincidental, as our founders include the owners of Waterbus S.C. shipyard, which has been successfully producing houseboats and aluminum components for yachts for several years. The owners of the Waterbus shipyard were joined by enthusiasts and experts in electric propulsion, forming the team of the current company eWave. Starting our journey as a manufacturer of watercraft, we obtained funding for research and development work from the Bridge-Alpha program. This allowed us to professionally design and build the prototype of our first model, the eWave 9000. Simultaneously, we began research on an innovative electric propulsion system intended for watercraft.



✓ Experience

ZThe founders of the company have 15 years of experience in the shipbuilding industry. Their yachts sail on waters all over Europe.



On board, we also have scientists specializing in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.




We operate with passion and dedication, striving for excellence in every detail. We aim for our yachts to not only enchant with their beauty but also to symbolize innovation and responsibility.

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