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About us

Welcome to a world where dreams of full sails meet modern technology and environmental care. Our company is more than just a shipyard - it's a center of innovation, passion, and dedication.

We are proud to introduce the team behind our success. Our founders are seasoned veterans of the shipbuilding world. Their craftsmanship and precision in yacht construction are undeniable. They provide our company with a solid foundation upon which we build our dreams. But that's not all. Our team also includes scientists and experts in the field of electromobility. These specialists are passionate about exploring new solutions that integrate the sailing world with modern technology. Their knowledge and commitment are crucial to our innovative projects.

We operate with passion and dedication, striving for excellence in every detail. We aspire for our yachts not only to dazzle with their beauty but also to be symbols of innovation and responsibility.

Our partners



Waterbus S.C.

The National Centre for Research and Development 

Shape V.C.

+48 783377160


Headquarters of the company:

Marszałkowska 87/59

00-683 Warszawa


Nowa Wieś 9

05-870 Nowa Wieś


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