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eWave 9000

We offer a new model of a catamaran yacht. The vessel can be used for tourist cruises, as a water taxi, for fishing, or for hosting events on the water. The floats and floor are made of aluminum alloys, while the hull sides and cockpit are made of epoxy laminate. The floats are divided into watertight sections, minimizing the risk of the unit sinking in case of damage to the float casing. The yacht provides comfortable seating for 12 passengers with configurable seating options.

For the electric version with small motors (up to 15 HP), we designed floats with reduced resistance at lower speeds, extending range and reducing electrical energy consumption. The gasoline version features standard floats and allows for installation of an engine up to 150 HP.



Technical specifications (according to certification):

  • Hull width: 2.80 m
  • Hull length: 8.25 m
  • Empty unit weight: 1850 kg
  • Maximum engine power: 110.3 kW (150 HP)
  • Maximum payload: 910/1250 kg
  • Maximum trailer engine weight: 230 kg
  • Maximum number of persons: 8/12
  • Design category: C/D


Standard equipment included in the yacht price:

  • Mechanical steering system
  • Eva foam flooring
  • Upholstered seats for 12 persons
  • Complete helmsman seat
  • Stainless steel railings
  • Navigation and anchor lights
  • Cleats
  • Rail handles
  • Electrical equipment
  • Mooring cover
  • Front ramp winch
  • Table base + table
  • Galley windshields
  • Mooring equipment
  • Clarion radio with speakers
  • Custom upholstery color from the Spradling catalog
  • Laminate hull sides, any color from the RAL palette

Optional equipment to be discussed with the client:

  • Full roof with PV panels, shortened or bimini
  • Directional thrusters
  • Depth sounder
  • Any gasoline or electric engine up to 150 HP
  • Trailer for transport
  • Other items to be agreed upon with the client.

Sample drive configurations


Electric - configuration 1 (e-engine  ePropulsion 12kW / batteries 10 kWh):

  • X12 Electric Outboard Motor-L 96V / 12 kW
  • G102-100 Battery 96V 10240Wh 100kg  x 1 pcs.

Electric - configuration 2 (e-engine ePropulsion 40kW /batteries 40 kWh):

  • X40 Electric Outboard Motor-L 96V / 40 kW
  • G102-100 Battery 96V 10240Wh 100kg x 4 pcs.



Hybrid - configuration 3 (POD ePropulsion 12kW + petrol 15 HP)

  • Pod Drive 12 eSSA with accessories
  • G102-100 Battery 96V 10240Wh 100kg  x 1 szt.
  • Tohatsu 15 HP with accessories

Petrol - configuration 4 (Petrol 140 HP)

  • Tohatsu 140 HP with accessories




If you are interested in purchasing the yacht, please request a quote or contact us.

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